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Opening19:36 CET 2017-01-08
Closure19:58 CET 2016-01-08


Meeting 08/01/2017, YPE board, online

1. Opening of the meeting
Meeting was opened 19:36 CET on the 8th of January 2017

2. Attendence
  • Bernhard Hayden
  • Henry Winckle
  • Kajsa Larsson
  • Lukas Martini

3. Election of meeting-positions
By acclamation, Bernhard is elected chair and Henry secretary

4. Agenda
The agenda was accepted as proposed

5. The day's business
5.1 European Youth Foundation
    - Discussion on accounting practices and what we are going to do with the European Youth Foundation funds
    - Agreed to return to this issue at the next meeting 
5.2 Membership fees for 2017 and 2016
    - Several members have not paid their fees yet for 2016, and none have yet paid for 2017
    - Problems with getting nordic members to pay was discussed
    - Lukas was tasked with following this up with national members
5.3 Bank account situation
    - Bank account situation to be brought up again
    - Lukas may have to go to Luxembourg again, but this is unclear
    - Bernhard believes that there's no point dealing with Luxembourg at the moment, it didn't work last time
    - Lukas believes that it has to work, we are a luxembourgian association
    - There are differing beliefs over whether or not the current set-up actually counts as a bank account or just rubbish
    - General agreement that when possibly we should move away from the current situation, but are not necessarily able to do so now.
    - Agree to return to this point in the future

6. Other points
No other points were brought up

7. Meeting's end
Bernhard ended the meeting at 19:58 CET
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