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Opening19:19 CET 2016-12-18
Closure20:48 CET 2016-12-18

Hello and welcome to YPE!

What do you expect/want to do on the board?

  • Kajsa: Work on EYF work plan/Erasmus+ Voluntary Service stuff
  • Jaana: Just going with the flow, see if finnish young pirates can do stuff for YPE
  • Nini: EYF work plan, form YPE into an organization that gets things done and less of a talking shop
  • Lukas: Dubious pleasure of being on the board since the beginning, treasurer now, trying to make sure that we don't fuck up (again)
  • Sokrates: No clear plan what to do, but if help's needed, just poke. Expects good things from the board and stuff to be learned from past mistakes, let's get some stuff done.


We need some means of communication. We used to have a Facebook chat in the past, but that's a sub-optimal solution.

Finnish YP use IRC.
Swedish YP use
German YP use a paid Slack.


  • Slack
  • Mattermost
  • Signal

We chose to use Ung Pirat's Rocket.Chat at

Board meeting intervals

How often do we want to have meetings on Mumble? Need to have a pre-defined interval, as choosing a date before each meeting didn't really work out in the past (and a large part of the board became inactive over time).

Let's have biweekly meetings on Sundays at 19:00 CET for now, if it turns out to be too frequent we can change it. Next weekend would be in three week, 8th of January 2017, as a meeting during the holidays would be unrealistic.

YPE email addresses

Lukas will make sure a YPE email address is set up for everyone. Please poke him in the chat.
We will also set up an email distribution list of sorts for the board.

EYF Workplan

There will be a separate Mumble meeting on this later. We have received significant funding from the EYF for various events next year. Various reporting requirements that need to be taken care of, and as the funding only pays for a max of 2/3 of the total budget, we need to arrange for the other 1/3 of the money.

Potential/planned additional funding sources:

  • Event in Estonia: EuroDIG
  • Event in Germany: Partially beyond
  • Camp in Sweden: Ung Pirat

The plan for now: Have one rep from each country (+board) meet up online regularly for organizational purposes. There's already a doodle for the first meeting, date to be announced by Bernhard Hayden. If anyone is interested, Kajsa will be happy to forward our actual application to make it easier to get a grasp on what we actually got the money granted for.

Jaana might want to (help) handle the social media side of the events/campaign with someone else.


The past year, Kajsa has been working a bit on EVS application stuff. Right now, we're thinking about maybe sending one person to Sweden/Ung Pirat for half a year as an initial test. Currently speaking about this with Falanster, who might be interested in sending someone.

Poke Kajsa in case of questions/if you want to help.


Update of Luxembourg organization registration: Lukas still needs some details from Hakon and Sokrates. Sokrates will send it in the chat, Hakon will have to be poked.

Membership fees

Should start collecting those. DE has paid for 2016, SE to be poked, FI wants to pay 250€, IS: ???, AT: 0€, FR: Probably 0€, BY: ???.

Vote: The Board decides to lower the membership fee for 2016 and 2017 of Piraattinuoret (Finland) to € 250,- p.a. and for #hyperlinks (Austria) to € 0,- p.a.


In favour: Lukas, Nini, Kajsa, Sokrates, Jaana
Abstention: –
Against: –


PR & Social Media

– Website/Wiki: Currently no website. Should get one again, but let's just make it static content. Lukas will get a static dump of the old HP, someone will have to write some new content. No more wiki.
– Newsletter?, Yes on having semi-regular newsletters. A great way to show activity. Lukas really likes the way Ung Pirat handles it. First step should be newsletters people can sign up to directly, then we might look into mailing our member's members. Sokrates has the job.
– Facebook/Twitter? Sokrates -> Facebook, Jaana -> Twitter. Lukas will try to recover the password and all that.
– Greek Pirates have «some kind of a youth organization». Contact about membership?

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